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We are Rising Up to…

… Protect the land and trees at Stapleton Allotment and Smallholdings from being destroyed for a MetroBus road.

A food growing and wildlife paradise nestled on high-grade agricultural soil, graced with bird rich woodland, hedgerow and wildflower meadow. This land is Green belt,  Conservation Area, Wildlife corridor, habitat and foraging ground. It is home to long-standing allotments and Feed Bristol a ”visionary”, award winning community wildlife and food growing project.

This precious and unique resource is being attacked in order to save an estimated three and a half minutes off a half hour journey. Enabling commuters to hurtle into the future slightly earlier and in doing so destroy something of immense value and beauty.

… Highlight the economic and health benefits of this land at risk.

The value of highly fertile food growing soil and community food growing projects in a changing economic and ecological climate is vast. As a spring board for initiatives offering vital support for many people the Grant Thornton report calculated the social return on investment made by Feed Bristol to be £6.7 million generated in the community.  Land rights and our ability to grow food are key to our future wellbeing and resilience.

This beautiful green space offers a tranquil and therapeutic destination for people with complex needs, on addiction recovery and with mental health and other issues. This valuable community asset promotes skills, confidence, social and volunteering possibilities stimulating numerous health and economic benefits.

…Challenge the facts, decisions and processes, which have allowed this land to be developed upon.

This is a non-sense design and contravenes many local and national planning policies.  Alternatives to this road route have NOT been meaningfully considered nor researched.  MetroBus has low passenger figures and spiralling costs and with diesel buses using regular roads – this is far from a sustainable transport solution.

Community voices, objections and involvement have been consistently “rebutted” and ignored by council officials and the West Of England Partnership. Money, power and big business have been given precedence.

As Bristol City Council celebrate being Bristol Green Capital 2015, they plan to destroy our REAL green capital! This is our land, our legacy and our future and we are Rising Up to protect it!

Join us in Rising up and together we will prevail!

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