A Sad Day – MetroBust Funding approval announced

Very disappointing news in todays Govt. Budget & a very sad day for Rising Up and all who think MetroBust is a BAD idea.  Despite rumours that the Treasury were not going to fund the scheme – they announced today that they will.

2.48 Bristol bus rapid transit scheme – The government has granted full approval to the North Fringe to Hengrove metrobus scheme, allowing construction to commence next month.

For a while it was looking hopeful, ….but then we heard one of the MP’sCharlotte Leslie withdrew her objection due to political pressure. The true story we just don’t know…maybe if she is your MP you can ask her!?

This is a blow but not the end…stay switched on & tuned in! Get in touch via email if you want to get involved. Please contact the Council if you have issues with the way they are / have treated the land and wildlife habitat- we are truly appalled.

Huge thanks for all the support & love.