Who are Rising up  ?

We are a collective of individuals and organisations working together actively and creatively in response to the threat faced by MetroBus road development at Stapleton Allotments and small holdings, including Feed Bristol.

What do Rising Up want to achieve?

  • Stop  the MetroBus Road on Stapleton Allotments, Feed Bristol and adjacent smallholdings.
  • Protect land, vegetation and wildlife
  • Protect food growing and high grade soil
  • Dispute MetoBus road’s value for money, validity of process, and non-sense design
  • Challenge Bristol (as European Green Capital) to use common sense and change plan-design
  • Increase engagement of the local community with the land
  • Increase awareness  of Food Sovereignty  &  Land Rights issues

What are Rising up doing?

Coordinating and facilitating an active and creative response the MetroBus threat.

We have active working group, creative and informative events, we manage information, communications, press, publicity, legal and planning research and more…

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