BBC coverage – Not the true story!

The BBC coverage has given a very negative image of the Rising Up camp and the state of the land. We would just like to state that the “mess” left behind after the occupation is due to bailiffs and bulldozers smashing up what was an orderly camp with trees sits, a kitchen, sheltered areas, benders and a composting toilet. The destruction of wildlife habitat has been mindless and very upsetting.

We were very respectful when we had a camp set up and even cleared up a huge amount of fly tipped waste which the council had left on the small holding land for over a year. We were under the impression that we were not allowed on the land to clear up due to the possession order. Some of us have gone back to the land to retrieve possessions to find that they have been crushed or have disappeared into the mess left by the bulldozers.

BBC and BCC – all part of the same establishment!?