10 things you can do!

1. Visit the site :

Frenchay Park Rd, BS16 1HY

Bring good cheer, support & motivation.

Bring food & supplies if you can – wish list usually on Facebook,

Bring heads,hands & hearts: There are always tasks to help out with

– from making food & drinks & entertaining to building and maintaining infrastructure

Or just have a chat about the campaign , issues, being who we are!

2. Join the action – on or off site 

Squirrels, badgers, moles and field mice!  All vital roles, whether you can climb, scurry, dig or care for others and help out on site.

Wise owls, jays, carrier pigeons & woodpeckers  to  to work on the legal/political/media & creative work are much in need.

We set up working groups – some are functioning and others need a poke – get in there! http://risingup.org.uk/risingup/working-groups/

Your knowledge, skills and enthusiasm are wanted! Get in touch Email: risingupland@riseup.net

3. Spread the word – tell the world! 

Sign & Share our petition!  : https://you.38degrees.org.uk/p/risingup

Facebook: Rising Up

Twitter RIsing up land

Email: Risingupland@riseup.net

Website/blog: Risingup.org.uk

4. Contact authorities / Politicians in Bristol & beyond:

Contact your local councillor : https://www.bristol.gov.uk/councillorfinder/

Contact your local MP: http://www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/mps/

Contact Mayor George Ferguson: mayor@bristol.gov.uk

Tell them what you think!

 5. Wildlife Conservation

Contact & research into impacts on wildlife and land

Some possibilities –

Natural England


Contact local groups – get people involved – put pressure on the Bristol & SOuth Glos Council / Government to

a) not do this- STOP the road!

b) Ensure all legislation is being adhered to

c) Ensure all planning conditions & procedure are being adhered to

Birds e.g RSPB http://www.rspb.org.uk/

Badgers e.g http://badgertrust.org.uk/

Bats: e.g http://www.avonbatgroup.org.uk/

6. Donate money:

Small (or large!) cash donations gratefully received:

What we would use it for:

Food & drinks

Warm and waterproof gear

Camp supplies for those living up in the trees /on the land

Support for the longer term campaign e.g legal advice&support/publicity

If you would like to support – even a few pounds will help buy vital supplies

Please transfer money into the following Credit Union account:

Sort: 08 60 01
Ac. No. 20081876
Please use the reference
“55392 S3 Rising Up”

 7. Legal:

If anyone has a legal background /knowledge or even just enthusiasm –please get in touch asap! We need you!

8. Sign the Blue Finger Alliance Petition & check out the website  

Petition http://tinyurl.com/n8oanhd


9. Request Scrutiny by Council

Contact: Overview and Scrutiny Management Board, Bristol City Council

Email: allison.taylor@bristol.gov.uk

You can submit

  1. a) a Question 3 working days before the next Committee meeting
  2. b) a Statement by noon the day before the next Committee meting
  • Next Committee meetings: 6pm, Thursday 26 February 2015 & 6pm, Thursday 9 April 2015

Ideally we want something in for the one on 26th February 2015.

Some ideas: could be any or all of the following.

Request Scrutiny of :

Lawful Consent to cut down trees in Avon & Frome Valley Conservation Area with evidence of whether MetroBus NFHP Planning application or Consent given by Secretary of State to Decommission Stapleton allotments allows this to take place

Evidence that MetroBus NFHP Planning Application 14/01187/FB conditions have been met before works begin / and evidence that conditions can even met at all ( e.g Condition 22 met before the felling of trees/site clearance)

Lack of transparency, communication and accountability of planning department and MetroBus team in relation to MetroBus & Stapleton Allotment planning application details and development-specifically nonresponse to emails and telephone calls.

The non-response to a FOI request sent in on 21 Jan 2015 re: Stapleton Allotments & MetroBus application 14/0118/7/FB & related development.

Stapleton Allotments relocation works & MetroBus development works: Evidence of health & safety environmental and ecological assessments being carried out, including a Site Specific Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) relating to the Frome valley Conservation area- trees, hedgerows, bats, birds & badgers, prior to any works including site clearance or relocation of allotments.

10. Let us know your thoughts – We are open to suggestions!

Any other ideas / skills / thoughts – please email us : risingupland@riseup.net

or if you have attachments email risingupland@gmail.com 


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