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Protestors told they must leave allotments (Bristol 24/7) March 10th 2015

Bristol tree protesters face additional court order (BBC) March 10th 2015

Missed out on the Rising Up story? Want a refresh/er? Here is a great compilation of videos and media coverage made by Bristol Green Fields . https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6NQ7qGPH37ruhZ4vKzscnJVYX67_6svN

Protesters receive backing of two MPs (ITV) February 19th 2015

a letter signed by Charlotte Leslie and Kerry McCarthy has been hung up at the site, urging the Mayor George Ferguson to rethink the route. The letter has been jointly written by the two MPs and eight councillors.

Protesters call on Bristol Mayor to meet with them (ITV) February 14th 2015
Simon Bramwell, one of the protesters at the site says he welcomes the MetroBus scheme but doesn’t think the land should go as a result”

Bailiffs to remove tree protesters in Bristol (ITV) February 14th 2015

Bristol’s MetroBus allotment protesters move into tree bird box (Western Daily Press) February 14th 2015

No sign of bailiffs at Bristol tree protest (ITV) February 13th 2015

STATEMENT OF SUPPORT TO ‘RISING UP’ BRISTOL (Community Food Growers Network) February 12th 2015
The land in question is of great significance due to its strategic importance in re-instating the historic market gardens of Bristol that could once again provide much of the city’s food. We are in no way opposed to public transport, but believe that it is possible to improving the city’s bus system whilst safeguarding habitats and agricultural land.

Tree-top protesters say they will stay (Bristol24/7)  February 12th 2015

MetroBus tree protest could come to an end today as council heads to Bristol High Court (Bristol Post) February 11th 2015
“The Council and the West Of England Partnership talk … will not talk about the fact that they have not meaningfully considered alternatives, nor tried to lessen the impact it will have on this immensely valuable piece of land.”

Bristol tree-top protesters asked to ‘leave immediately’ (BBC) February 10th 2015
“We are here to protect the land – but also to challenge the processes and decisions which have allowed this situation to occur.”

Council go to court to evict tree-top protest (Bristol24/7) February 10th 2015

Protesters occupying Bristol bus route site are ordered to leave (Bristol Post) February 8th 2015
The local community has been rallying round to support the campaigners, many who have spent several nights in the trees in sub-zero temperatures.”

Tree protesters take campaign across Bristol (ITV) Feburary 7th 2015

This tree should outlive us all, and I won’t lose her without a fight! (Bristol Cable) February 6th 2015
In a world where it is commonly understood that fossil fuels are a finite resource, one wonders how big a picture George is looking at when he considers the planned diesel guzzling bus route.

Rising UpSecond night in trees to protest over MetroBus route (Bristol Post) February 3rd 2015

Bristol bus protesters take to the trees (Guardian) February 2nd
“Only when the last tree is cut and the soil is paved over, will we realise we need habitats more than bus routes”

Metrobus: a ‘timetable of destruction’ for Bristol’s Green Capital? (Bristol Cable) February 2nd 2015
“Public pressure is mounting to save top quality agricultural land in Bristol from planned Metrobus routes.”

Bristol tree-top protest against Metrobus scheme (BBC) February 2nd 2015
“We’re here to safeguard and protect key food-growing land and wildlife habitats, which is a job that Bristol City Council should be doing – especially in our year as European Green Capital.”

PHOTOS inside Rising Up campaign group, as they settle in trees beside the M32 and the Feed Bristol project. (Bristol Post) 2nd February 2015

Protesters in Stapleton trees say they will “stay as long as it takes” to stop Metrobus (Bristol Post) February 2nd 2015

Bristol Metrobus scheme’s Hengrove phase gets £27m grant (BBC) January 20th 2015

Bristol Metrobus plan approved (BBC) August 27th 2014

MPs’ concerns over Bristol Metrobus greenbelt plans (BBC) July 7th 2014
MPs and councillors have written to Bristol’s mayor asking him to reconsider plans to build a bus-only junction on prime fertile land.”

Bristol Metrobus scheme ‘ruins’ greenbelt say campaigners (BBC) April 24th 2014
Campaigner and soil specialist Sarah Venn said: “The entire site is mainly grade A agricultural soil, only 3% of the country has this.”

Bristol North West MP, Conservative, Charlotte Leslie, has also raised concerns about the lack of consultation with local groups, along with Lockleaze councillor, Liberal Democrat, Sean Emmett.”

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