Hello world! We are Rising Up!

We are Rising Up in outrage at the proposals to build Bristol MetroBus feeder roads across allotments and wild-flower meadows in Bristol’s Blue Finger – prime growing land and home to Feed Bristol.

This precious and unique resource is being attacked in order to save an estimated three and a half minutes off a half hour journey. And that is the most optimistic best estimate that the proponents have been able to come up with. 210 seconds less spent relaxing and enjoying the journey to enable the traveller to hurtle into the future slightly earlier and in doing so destroy something that has a value beyond time and money.

Join us to protect real Green Capital in Bristol. How can those who are proud of our role as Europe’s Green Capital this year be anything other than outraged at this squandering of environmental capital for mere presumed economic gain.

The fight is on.

We will prevail.