Weekend of Support and Solidarity!

We will a having an action packed solidarity weekend, for those working/ studying and with kids – a great chance to come & visit and if you want pitch in !

SATURDAY – RALLY AROUND :This Saturday people will be on site creating and making whilst people offsite have organised a city rally to raise awareness and stand up in support. See Event listings below

http://risingup.org.uk/                        https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008701005657

After the rally some people will come up to the site in Stapleton – there will be food, tea and songs with the folks from the Community Folk Choir.

SOLIDARITY SUNDAY – call out to all those who support us but not been up to the action site to come and join us!  Show your support, spend time on the land, find out more about the cause and take part in some interesting activities such as singing, wood work and  climbing.

Lastly…THOUGHTFUL FRIDAY  yet more donations  including a poignant song – to be posted up soon, thermal underwear, worlds best cake ever ( lots of it!), a ton of food from Kebele, an axe and and a haul of parsnips and carrots from an allotment holder who would lose his allotment if the road went through! We are eating from some if the best soil in the country and feeling very loved!

Thank you!