Bristol City Council calls for “Possession of the land”

Rising up :Update

Tree-top protesters celebrate seven days of occupation in Bristol, UK.
Bristol City Council call High Court hearing to claim “Possession of the land” at Stapleton Allotments and Small holdings.

Official papers pinned up near the Rising up Land action site in Stapleton have appeared stating that a High court hearing will take place on Weds 11th February with Bristol City Council claiming possession of the land whilst also accusing “unknown persons” of trespass and damage to property.

The people protecting the land and trees in Stapleton from destruction deny any damage has taken place and that the papers contain other errors. They wish to clarify that they are there principally to

– protect the trees and land from unnecessary and unjustified destruction which could be avoided if Bristol City Council / West of England Partnership chose to redesign the route to take out the M32 MetroBus only road system.
– raise serious concerns and questions over planning processes and potential breach in planning consent and control. Bristol City Council refuse to provide further information about this, including not responding to a Freedom of Information Request, which suggests wrongdoing and mischief.

Rising Up spokesperson states that “The Council and the West Of England Partnership talk about the benefits of MetroBus, however they do not talk about the harm it will cause nor the fact that they could still have a MetroBus route without the hugely damaging M32 Bus only junction. They will not talk about the fact that they have not meaningfully considered alternatives, nor tried to lessen the impact it will have on this immensely valuable piece of land. ( Note to Mayor – please listen when we state yet again that this is not about the Park & Ride!)

Rising Up tree and land activists are not in the wrong here – however the Councils actions are both ethically, environmentally and potentially legally wrong. Their disregard for civic involvement at every level has been appalling. People are here to stand up for the rights of nature and local people as well as insist on adherence to planning law. Rising Up take pride and motivation in knowing that thousands of people are supporting this action”

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