Political response – Flying high!

Here is the letter local MP’s and councillors have written to the Mayor Of Bristol who so far has been as helpful as a wet fish, or maybe even less so!   He thinks he has done something – but can’t seem to see the difference between a bus only road and a park & ride…


His response is the same (as it has been all along – ( one big advert for MetroBus!)  and states very obviously that in depth work into alternatives HAS NOT been done! WHY IS THAT THEN?   Surely an assessment  including design work, surveys, consultation, economic assessment, safety audit etc should have been done BEFORE this valuable piece of land was chosen to be destroyed!


In relation to Planning conditions and lawful activity – George also fails to address the fact the tree felling was due to start the first week in February – when – IF the work comes under MetroBus NFHP Planning consent – many conditions including 2 – which state that no works INCLUDING SITE CLEARANCE can take place before the condition is met – which it had not been – as admitted by Planning Officers David Grattan and Director of Planning Zoe Willcox.

But hang on –   suddenly David Grattan said that the tree works came not under MetroBus consent but under the consent given by the Secretary of State to decommission the allotments…mysteriously there is no evidence of this and consent documentation has no reference to Trees in a Conservation area being cut down…all requests for further evidence has been ignored including a FOI request – deadline now past!

All of the above and even the Councils plan to start the felling around 2 weeks ago was refuted in court by the Councils QC and her solicitors from Green Capital Sponsors Burgess Salmon…


George has also been overheard referring to our precious land in Stapleton as “insignificant”.  Well guess it depends what your priorities are!

In regards to a democratic processes – a thought – George was voted in on his “Vision” which included a promise to “scrap”  the BRT scheme ( MetroBus)  and “Redesign the system of decision making in the city to help citizens and communities have real influence over what happens in their area, allowing for more devolution of power and resources in exchange for a commitment to helping the city achieve its priorities.”  .

Leave that one for you to ponder over!

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