Riding the waves of anticipated eviction!!

Tonight Rising Up activists continue to occupy the threatened land and trees in Stapleton whilst riding the waves of anticipated eviction!  Yesterday afternoon a meeting took place between the Mayor George Ferguson and Director of Place of Bristol City Council Barra Mac Ruairi who stated that that there will be no change to the MetroBus bus-only Junction.

Rising Up activist Daniel Balla states: “We refuse to give in to the political injustices of the consultation and planning process, and cannot sanction the destruction of this immensely valuable land. We strongly feel that local opinions and concern for greater ecological and social sustainability has been ignored and we have been let down by a planning system not fit for purpose.

We also strongly believe that our council are being dictated to by short-term economic pressures – such as legal action by South Gloucestershire Council if Bristol were to change elements of the scheme. This week revealed an increase of £20m[1]to the city-wide project, and these spiralling costs are not worth risking against the loss of our invaluable Green Capital – the valuable agricultural land, wildlife corridor and woodland habitat which make the site unique.”

Through Rising Up we want to show people that taking Direct Action is a valuable and vitally important way to both empower and stand up to unjust power structures and ecological destruction and we call for anyone in Bristol who shares our values and concerns to join us in support.

Rising Up have made several requests, including:-


  • Instigate an immediate conversation with the West Of England Partnership – including South Glos. Council and request they allow the removal of the MetroBus M32 bus-only junction;
  • Communicate immediately to the Department of Transport and request that the funding parameters are adapted to allow for a sustainable transport solution that meets real local needs alongside safeguarding growing land and conservation areas, i.e. the removal of the MetroBus M32 bus-only junction.


  • Redesign the MetroBus NFHP route to remove the M32 Bus-only junction to preserve all the land occupied by the Rising Up Collective;
  • Investigate the planning process and practices of planning officers, Committee Chair and Director of Planning involved in the NFHP Planning application Committee meeting and subsequent implementation;
  • Request a covenant on the entire land of Stapleton Allotments and Small-holdings, including the currently occupied land.

[1] Bristol City Council 2015/16 Budget (revenue and capital budget) and 2015/16 – 2017/18 Medium Term Financial Strategy