Be there on Monday

Thanks to all those who came down to Stapleton today. The trees are doing well!

In the end tree protectors stayed high in the trees, whilst the Imbolc celebration took place with around 80-100 people taking part in a meaningful ceremony giving thanks and recognition to the land, the life it sustains and our intent to protect it. The police numbers dwindled and some security appear to have been posted for the evening/night.

There appears to be some legal confusion over the boundary of the allotments and Feed Bristol small holding – where the trees are positioned which also adds to the already dubious planning application/s legality.

What next? We are stepping up the action and focussing on our our priority aim to protect the trees and land in Stapleton allotments and small holdings.

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Your presence and support are much needed in this moment and we are calling out to people to come to the Stapleton smallholdings site – by Feed Bristol (Frenchay Park Road BS16 1HB) whenever they can. On Monday please come from 6am onwards ( or earlier if you can!) – we anticipate an early start to the days activities.

There will be information on arrival, bring good energy and motivation, hot drinks and food, music, songs and good cheer! Wrap up warm and don’t forget your camera!

Pass on the word…